Kindness marketing

May 20, 2020

There’s a lot of danger in strategising everything. Especially when you try to strategise every action you take in marketing your business. It’s because when you do this, when there’s a goal behind every action and decision made, people will smell the inauthenticity behind your actions.

People can smell that you’re not really empathising with the pain, you are only iterating their pain points so as to close that deal during a consultation call.

People can smell whether the information you are putting out there is really intended to help them and educate them, or that you are only putting the information out there as baits in hope of getting more leads.

People can smell the difference between manipulation and giving without expecting any returns.

Manipulation in the disguise of giving might still get your leads in the short run. But because you have succeeded by manipulation, in the long run, you’ll lose people’s respect and your strategy will backfire.

Learn to enjoy giving without any expectation of returns. This way, It will be hard for your business to die. Because kindness always wins.

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